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EzStamp Collecting Software the Easy Way To Keep Your Valuable Stamp Collection Organized


Need to know what your stamp collection is worth and how to keep it organized?

EzStamp collecting software and inventory program will help you do just that!

Organize, compute stamp values, manage and track your stamp collections. SoftPro’s stamp database software are fun & easy to use and they can served as a digital catalogue as well.

Generate want lists, inventory and valuation reports with just a few clicks while tracking what you have and don’t have. Makes it a great tool for insurance purposes.


EzStamp Collecting Software DVD
EzStamp Collecting Software DVD – Version 7.7 – SoftPRO 2010


Inside this dual case you will find two (2) CDs containing a total of 20,900 images:



- CD 1a : United States, including US Revenues Ryukyus, Hawaii,Confederate States, Guam, Palau, Marshall Islands, Micronesia and the United Nations

- CD 1b:  Canada and Canadian Provinces

Here are some of the best features of EzStamp :

stamp collecting software Image retrieval => Simply enter the Scott# and it will retrieve the image as well as the relevant information.

bullet Special information => Detailed images to help you determine varieties & errors.

bullet Image Compare => Two images on the screen at the same time to allow easy image comparison.

bullet Zoom => Magnify any portion of the screen.



EzStamp Unique Thumbnail Viewer


bullet Thumbnail viewer => Activate a 14 stamps viewer that you can increase to as much as 98 images. A click on any images will automatically retrieve the information for that specific stamp. Back to the viewer, the following 98 stamps can be displayed.

bullet ZIP Compressed Backup & Restore => makes it easy to perform backups.

bullet Automatic Quantity Calculation => Main screen quantity field is now integrated with the detail screens so that if changes are made on the main screen, the tabulation are automatic.

bullet Right Click Help => Right clicking on almost everything on the Ezstamp main screen will display a context sensitive dialogue.

bulletRapid entry => Greatly enhanced to allow rapid multi entry of any field available in EzStamp. Very useful for large sets! No need to enter each stamp one by one.

bulletDuplication of a country => The currently opened country can be duplicated to allow other members of the family to track their personal collections as well.

EzStamp Collecting Software Quick View Want List


bulletDuplication of a record => Very powerful feature! By its design, EzStamp consolidates any one stamp on the screen. It allows you to track multiple copies, varieties, (i.e. Plate Block, First Day Cover, etc) on the one screen. Users requested that they be allowed to have a duplicate record of any Catalogue#. EzStamp now allows both methods simultaneously.

Example: Say you have 10 copies of a stamp but one of them is special in some way (cancellation, certificate…). You could enter the 9 copies in one record & then create a duplicate record (Cat#) for the special one. This has many benefits. It will also allow you to individually track any stamp if desired.

bullet Sorting Capabilities => EzStamp can sort by Scott#, Location, X-Ref or AltCat# in all reports.

bullet Power Search => use this feature to easily locate stamps by any field!

bullet Multi Export to AlbumGen (stamp album page layout program ) => Plus, if you have cross-referenced to another numbering system, you will have the option of exporting by AtlCat# sequence! You can now export by YEAR as well!


The program comes complete with a comprehensive manual to guide you. A technical support hotline via phone or email is also available.

Keep in mind that it’s the only program to supply TRUE COLOR IMAGES of almost each stamp! Ain’t that cool? ;-)

I want it to be nice and simple.
Ever seen a stamp inventory program? Most of the inventory programs are ugly as hell, and a true usability nightmare. Tens of checkboxes, input fields, multiple buttons, scrolling in all directions… ugh… they make you really “sad” if you are experienced with professional looking software. Below is an image of EZ stamps – and yes, this is one of the best pieces of stamp collecting software in early 2009.”

Keijo Kortelainen –


Ez Stamp Collecting Software

Ez Stamp Collecting Software and Stamp Inventory Program - by SoftPro



Other Features of Ez Stamp Software:

- Scott Numbering system (EzStamp has been LICENSED by Scott since 1992 to use the Scott #’s.)


- USA database includes the Plate Number coils

- Color guides, Slide shows, Watermark guide

- Comprehensive FDC Cachet Maker list built in.

- FREE, AUTOMATIC software updates



Ez Stamp Collecting software box

EzStamp will run on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/VISTA & Win 7 (32 bit )( Upgrade to 64 bit version will be made available when ready )


“I use EZStamp and have for several years. As far as I am concerned, EZStamp is the best program on the market if you are a true collector. Their tech support is outstanding. I have been in the computer business as an IT Tech. for sixteen years, have had to deal with support departments all over the world, and have never had to wait long before I had a response with EZStamp. They are great. It is easy to use and the tools that come with this program are unbelievable. The Best!” Sean .E., California


EzStamp As Seen On Linns Stamp News



More countries are available as well, so stay tuned as we will showcase more stamp software in upcoming posts.



Happy stamp collecting!

Janice Dugas


Questions? Call us Toll Free 1-866-830-5177 (USA) 1-514-436-0121 (Canada)


Got Your 2011 Scott US Specialized Catalogue?


Hot Off The Press- Scott US Specialized Catalogue

2011 Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers


-Confederate States
-Canal Zone
-Danish West Indies
-United Nations

Scott Catalogue Editor: James E Kloetzel, Amos Press Publishing

Paperback. English. ISBN 0894874543

Dimensions: 27.4 x 20.8 x 3.8 cm Weight: 2.1 kg



HIGHLIGHTS for the 2011 Edition as announced in the latest News release:

You will find 8,000 ++ value changes and three (3) new sections

1. Scott Stamp Values: U.S. Specialized by Grade
This information was provided before in a separate 50-page booklet. Its incorporation into the Specialized brings all Scott valuing information for the US into one single volume.

This new catalogue section lists values of the more expensive U.S. stamps in eight different grades, from Very Good to Superb. The addition of this new section adds more than 30,000 additional value points to the volume.

This new catalog section lists values for sound stamps in eight different grades: Superb-98, Extremely Fine-Superb-95, Extremely Fine-90, Very Fine-Extremely Fine-85, Very Fine-80, Fine-Very Fine-75, Fine-70 and Very Good-50. The listings comprise most of the stamps whose values are most susceptible to differentials in grade variations. The stamps listed are Scott 1 through 715 (including coil pairs, coil joint line pairs and booklet panes), 720b, 832-834a, 1053, C1-C31, E1-E14, F1, J1-J87, K1-K18, O1-O126 (including the special printings), PR1-PR125, Q1-Q12, JQ1-JQ5, QE1-QE4a and RW1-RW77A.

2. U.S. Registry Exchange Labels of 1883-1911

In addition to Scott Stamp Values, there are two other new sections in the U.S. Specialized catalog this year, and each section is accompanied by a Special Feature article written by a noted authority in the respective field. The first article and set of listings concern “The United States Registry Exchange Labels of 1883-1911,” and the informative Special Feature article is written by Nicholas A. Lombardi, president of the United States Stamp Society. The listings consist of covers with the registry labels of the 26 known out of the 37 authorized exchange offices. The various types of labels are listed separately and valued. Census numbers are included with the listings. This new group of listings, with “FX” prefixes, appears just before the Registration stamp of 1911, Scott F1.

Posted Nov 5, 10 13:23 by Richard Frajola

Chris Harmer pointed out to me yesterday, when writing up a collection that had some Registry Label covers, that those from 1883-1911 are now listed in Scott Specialized catalog (page 369). I guess that explains why certain dealers were asking for the material earlier this year.

Prices include Douglas, AZ and Brownsville, TX each at $10,000 on cover. Lowest price is a NYC exchange label at $50 on cover.

3. U.S. Stamps Used in the Confederacy

The third section is a new sub-section for the Confederate States of America listings. This new section covers the use of U.S. stamps and postal stationery within the seceded independent Southern states and Confederate states, through May 31, 1861.

Patricia Kaufmann-Confederate-Postal-History

Patricia Kaufmann, Professional Philatelist | Photo:

The new sub-section consists of an introduction explaining this unique postal situation in the South, the table of secession of the Southern states, and the listings by Scott U.S. stamp numbers and, where possible, by state. A special feature article also accompanies this new section, written by Patricia A. Kaufman, president of the Confederate Stamp Alliance.

4. Other enhancements to the 2011 US Scott Specialized Catalogue

Other editorial enhancements for 2011 include complete footnotes for all stamps with hidden 3-D images that are visible when viewed with a special “Stamp Decoder” lens sold by the United States Postal Service. The footnotes indicate what the hidden image is.

These footnotes begin with Scott 3036, the 1998 $1 Fox definitive, and continue on for the appropriate issues through Scott 3862, the National World War II Memorial stamp of 2004, at which time the special 3-D hidden image program ended.

Value trends are mixed among the 8,000+ changes that were made. A few modern issues that have proven to be elusive have increased in value significantly:

USA-Flag-Scott 4129-2007


* Scott 4129, the 2007 (41¢) Flag plate block of four from the water-activated sheet stamp, rises to $12.50 mint, never hinged from $7.50 last year.



* The 2007 17¢ Bighorn Sheep sheet stamp with water-activated gum rises as a plate block of four to $10 mint, never hinged from $6 in the 2010 catalog.






* The 2008 42¢ Purple Heart water-activated gum sheet stamp shows the largest jump of all for its plate block of four, to $25 mint, never hinged from just $10.

The most impressive value gains are seen in the Newspapers and Periodicals section. Most values for unused stamps and all values for used stamps show advances, and the gains are most significant in the used column. Such stamps have proven to be very difficult for collectors to locate.

A fairly typical example of the changes in this section is:

Scott PR63, the $12 stamp from 1879. In unused condition, this stamp rises to $500, from $475 in 2010, and in used condition it jumps considerably to $125, from just $85 last year.

Grab your copy today and enjoy your hobby. Order now !

Have questions? Contact Us or Call Janice at 1-866-830-5177

Happy stamp collecting!

All the best,
Janice Dugas


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Grab your 2011 Unitrade Catalogue of Canadian Stamp Values Before It Goes Out-Of-Print!

2011 Unitrade Specialized Catalogue Of Canadian Stamps

The great news about the recently released 2011 Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps is that even though it added a new feature: the listings of the Quebec Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamps, as well as the Semi-Annual and Quaterly Packs with illustrations, its selling price remains the same as the previous three year’s editions! ($ 42.95)

I strongly recommend that you grab your copy now, because I have seen years where I was unable to put my hands on it, as they went out-of-print very early.

The 2011 Unitrade Specialized Stamp Catalogue of Canadian Stamps is edited by Robin Harris and published by Unitrade Associates.

It is recognized worldwide as the ultimate reference book for Canadian stamp collectors.

Provinces are also listed along with some varieties. (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,Prince Edward Island, British Columbia and Vancouver Island)A section is dedicated to First Day Covers (FDC),blocks and postal stationery.

Catalogue numbers are those of the established Scott Numbering  System used throughout North America.

• Complete Canada and British North America (BNA) listing
• Current market prices, by grade, in Canadian dollars
• Complete Booklets
• Postage Dues, Coils, Airmails
• Numeral Cancels, Squared circle postmarks and cancels
• Christmas Seals, Special Delivery, Officials
• Reply Coupons, Stamps on Cover
• Plate Proofs, Varieties and Flaws,
• Se-Tenants,
• Postal rates,
• Glossary of terms
• Thematic Index
• Booklet panes now illustrated in colour
• 648 pages
• English Edition

In full colour and housed in a spiral-bound quality paperback. Measurements: 8.5  x 11″

Opened my copy today. Really, really, really nice catalogue. If you’re thinking whether or not to update your Canada, this is a great catalogue to clinch your decision. S-o-o-o-o-o many colour photos of constant plate varieties, photos of tagging errors, so much information, really comprehensive. If you’re thinking: “should I update my catalogue this year?” YES. Get it.

Source: Member Uncadonego on

I bought the catalogue here in Vancouver and can advise it is well worth the money!!
Source: Member Luvthecmonwealth on

Happy collecting,

All the best!

Janice Dugas

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